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About Us
hyperSven began its unique existence back in the last millennium at the birth of the Internet Age producing quality web pages since 1997. hyperSven added Information Technology (IT) to it's fold expanding our services and offering our customers years of industry experience soon after. Founded by owner Sven L. L. Rafferty in San Jose, California, hyperSven has serviced clients from Silicon Valley, to Southern Oregon, to greater Nevada, as well as Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.  Moving its operations to the Central Valley in 2001, hyperSven filled a void of IT and Web expertise that was easily found in Silicon Valley.  For nearly a decade, it has set the standard of quality, caring, and the human touch for its many clients ranging from the retired in their home to professionals at their busy offices.  Founder Sven Rafferty loves to say to his customers that, "I run my business the way I want to be treated by others.  Since I want to be treated good, I in turn treat my clients like they are the world to me."  That's where hyperSven's slogan comes from when we say that we're your personal IT department.

To better focus on our IT clients, hyperSven has teamed up with our  affiliate partner, Full Fusion, which has had a synergy with us since hyperSven's first day in 1997.  hyperSven looks to Full Fusion as an extension to our company.  Full Fusion offers an array of creative services as well as logo design, web design and development, graphic design and video media.

Mission Statement

The hyperSven team provides a complete Information Technology and Web solution. It finds no job too small or too large. From installing a small office network to creating a large web site for a Fortune 500 company, hyperSven will provide not only fast, friendly, professional, and experienced service but will also be Honest, Ethical, and Effective.